Umm… that’s a flying car. 😳
Like, a real one. For real.

flying car 1

We live in the flippin’ future, y’all.

This is the AirCar, as piloted/driven by its inventor, professor Stefan Klein of Slovakia. He’s been working on this machine for more than 30 years.

flying car stefan klein

You can’t buy it just yet, but that’s certainly Klein’s long-term intent. This isn’t one of those mad-scientist projects like Dr. Brown and his DeLorean time machine, where building another is an afterthought at best. Klein has designed the AirCar knowing that, to manufacture and sell it, it’ll need to comply with the legal requirements for both cars and airplanes.

For now, it’s impressive just to see it working, like, at all. 😲 We had several big-stupid-grin moments while watching Klein’s video (3 min).

And before you worry that Klein is somehow fudging things for the camera: nahhhh. He’s logged over 40 hours of test flights (roughly 75x the duration of the 35-minute flight shown) and successfully landed the AirCar 142 times.

More details here from Engadget.

Seriously though. Does anything say “future” quite like a flying car?

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