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Freelance Marketers: Are you fed up, frustrated, and finally ready to book yourself solid with clients?

Hey, it’s Russ…
… and I’m fed up and frustrated too! 🤬

Russ Henneberry, Founder of theCLIKK

Seriously! I die a little bit inside every time I speak with a skilled and eager freelance marketer that’s struggling to get clients.

I get it.

You’ve spent 1000’s of dollars on training to acquire skills like copywriting, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, etc…

… so you can provide those services for clients that you don’t yet have! 🤦

No one told you that it’s NOT more skills you need to create this dream business of yours…

… it’s a SYSTEM to finally get clients.

Actually, that’s not all 👆

You need more than a SYSTEM.

To finally book yourself solid with clients, you need more than just another set of client-getting tactics.

You also need SUPPORT.

And more than anything, you need MOMENTUM.

The crazy thing is…

The steps you need to take in order to finally get clients aren’t complicated or technical.

In fact, they’re pretty freaking simple!

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. No, getting clients can feel excruciatingly difficult.

Here’s why it’s so dang hard to get clients.

This may surprise you but…

… getting clients feels difficult because you are human.


The real barrier between us humans and success would be better described as sly, cunning, or deceptive. (Yes, I used a thesaurus. 😆)

These obstacles go by names like:

    • Perfectionism
    • Analysis Paralysis
    • Imposter Syndrome

The good news is that us humans can be relentless when we want to be. 💪

We can overcome these obstacles in the right conditions.

So first, stop beating yourself up.

You’re human just like the rest of us.

And we all fight these barriers to success. I do. You do. And so does everyone else reading this page. Yes, even you. 🫵

Second, to defeat these mental obstacles, you’ll need a new plan.

These obstacles can’t be overcome with more of the same.

So let’s play a quick game…

STOP this, START that

Maybe you’ve played this before.

It’s called STOP & START.

Because if you have a sincere desire to get this freelance marketing business in motion once and for all, I need you FOCUSED.

And FOCUS isn’t just about knowing what to do.

It’s also about knowing what not to do!

Are you ready to play?

Ok, first you must STOP 🛑:

    • Learning more skills – No more skill-building courses, books, podcasts, or anything else. These are equivalent to added sugar in your diet. Cut them out completely. You’ve already gained the skills, now it’s time to get clients.
    • Building your website – You do NOT need a website to book yourself solid with clients. The truth is that a website is a momentum killer and I want it off your plate. You need a web presence but a website isn’t the path.
    • “Playing business” – Stop creating logos, arranging your office, making business cards, or anything that isn’t 1000% FOCUSED on the RACE to book yourself solid. Everything else is just “playing business” and is draining time, energy, and money from what matters: GETTING CLIENTS.

Now, to book yourself solid, START 🟢 doing the following:

    • Building your TEAM – Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and want you to succeed. And I don’t mean your friends and family. I mean, they’re great and all but I’m talking about the energy and encouragement you can only get by joining a TEAM of like-minded, hungry professionals. People who will inspire you to take action and hold you accountable if you don’t.
    • Seeing the abundance – Open your eyes, mind, and heart to the incredible amount of opportunity that is available to you in this world. You have the freedom to create the business of your dreams. The opportunities are right in front of you and I’m asking you to believe that you deserve this.
    • Noticing “The Skeptic” – The Skeptic is the sum of all the psychological bullshit that has prevented you from getting what you want. It’s self-sabotage and, for now, I just want you to know that it exists in all of us. To get what you want you’ll need to fight The Skeptic for it.

In fact,The Skeptic wants you to stop reading this page right now.

He wants to bring you to a grinding halt and redirect you.

He wants you to go down another rabbit hole of skill-building courses, books, and videos. He wants to distract you with busy work like building your website or getting that logo just right.

The Skeptic is always looking for a way to derail your MOMENTUM.

Block that skeptic out of your mind.

To win, we’re going to get 1000% focused on the task at hand: GETTING CLIENTS.

And that’s why we’re going to SPRINT.

The “Booked Solid” Sprints

Give me your sincere desire to succeed and I’ll give you the system, support, and accountability you need to get the clients you deserve.

🤝 And if I don’t, I’ll refund your money. 🤝

To get the FOCUSED MOMENTUM you need to finally get this business off the ground we’ll use…

… a series of three SPRINTS. 🏃💨

Most freelance marketers are distracted and unfocused.

But the successful ones zero in on the next obstacle blocking their path to success and relentlessly attack it.

Your next obstacle: GETTING CLIENTS.

We’re going to relentlessly attack that obstacle together as a TEAM. 🐝🐝🐝

    Here’s how it works…

    3 MONTHS

    This 90-day period will give us the runway necessary to EXECUTE a client-getting SYSTEM that will book you solid with clients (and keep you there)!


    We’ll put our heads down and SPRINT three times (10 days per sprint) toward the achievement of a specific set of proven tasks that land you clients.

    1 GOAL

    Everything we do during this RACE will be designed to move you toward a single objective: GETTING CLIENTS.

    At the end of the RACE, you’ll have acquired new clients and established the ROUTINE you need to book yourself solid and earn the living you deserve.

    The fastest path to clients

    This class is about MOMENTUM.

    I’ll remove every bit of friction possible between you and booking yourself solid with the clients you want.

    To put you on the fastest path to getting clients, each of the three SPRINTS will employ my “Core to Crowd” Client Growth Model.

    The Core to Crowd Client Growth Model

    If you want to get right down to it, these SPRINTS are about giving you the SYSTEM to predictably generate a steady stream of clients by building two assets:

      • an AUDIENCE

    These two “lists” will be tied for first place as the most valuable assets you own. (Besides that Pink Floyd vinyl, of course.)

    These two assets are the keys to building a predictable stream of income and, once you’ve built them, no one can take them away from you. 🔑🔑

    Here’s how we’ll build these valuable assets:

    👟 SPRINT 1 👟

    Land “Client Zero”

    In the first leg of this RACE we will prep you for success.

    I want you working with clients you love on projects you feel comfortable with and that fulfill you.

    So, first things first.

    We will get crystal clear on two crucial elements:

      1. What are you selling?
      2. Who are you selling it to?

    We will then optimize your web presence so that when potential clients Google you, they will like what they see.

    We will design the plan to build your REFERRAL NETWORK and practice my “3 Steps and Yep” Selling Process so you’ll feel comfortable in a selling situation when potential clients come calling.

    Once we have our ducks in a row, we will SPRINT.

    We will EXECUTE a series of tasks designed to drum up clients from your CONNECTIONS and your newly created REFERRAL NETWORK.

    Believe me when I say that this first SPRINT will be particularly exhilarating.

    You will have taken a major step forward and you’ll feel it.

    This TEAM will take these bold steps together.

    The Booked Solid Sprint Series - Sprint 1

    👟 SPRINT 2 👟

    100 Subscribers or ‘Bust’

    It’s time to start building your audience.

    SPRINT 2 is a race to 100 email subscribers.

    First, like other things we don’t talk about at parties, size doesn’t matter when it comes to your email list. 😉

    Getting your first 100 email subscribers will open more doors for you than you can possibly imagine.

    We will set up the ROUTINES to nurture this AUDIENCE with content and generate new clients with promotions.

    Good lord! You will be so happy when you’ve completed this SPRINT!

    Because when you cross the finish line of this second SPRINT, we will CELEBRATE the fact that you now own a priceless asset.

    The Booked Solid Sprints - Sprint 2

    👟 SPRINT 3 👟

    Scale Your Business

    The last leg of this RACE may sound out of reach to you but, believe me, it’s not.

    You will learn how to take your email list from 100 to 1000 subscribers and beyond.

    This SPRINT will throw gas on the fire and you’ll be ready.

    I’ll show you the “so simple a caveman can do it” method for scaling up your AUDIENCE. (Damn, I hope someone from GEICO isn’t reading this page.) 😬

    We will continue to nurture your new AUDIENCE with content and monetize through PROMOTIONS.

    From here, the sky is the limit. 🚀

    Not only can you generate clients but you can also start selling “clientless” products like courses and coaching if you desire. 

    The Booked Solid Sprints - Sprint 3

    As your NETWORK and AUDIENCE grows you’ll find that instead of wondering where your next client is coming from, you can be choosy about who and what you work on.

    Yep, you’re a snob now. Congratulations. 😆

    But no kidding, the path to this dream business is literally this simple:

      1. Build your NETWORK
      2. Build your AUDIENCE

    The Booked Solid SPRINTS will give you the SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY you need to finally get it done.

    But if you’re like most of us humans, the description of these SPRINTS might scare you a bit.


    That fear is The Skeptic thinking that this SPRINT thing might actually freaking work! 😱 🤣

    Don’t run from that fear. Lean into it!

    Because here’s the most important question…

    Is this freelance business a priority for you?

    If it is, I want you on this TEAM.

    These SPRINTS will transform you into a successful freelance marketer.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said I was fed up and frustrated.

    I want you to:

      1. Earn a great living doing work you love.
      2. Work with clients on projects that fulfill you.
      3. Choose when and where you do that work.

    You’ll learn the SYSTEM including what to do and when to do it.

    Plus, the TEAM and I will SUPPORT you and hold you ACCOUNTABLE as you EXECUTE that SYSTEM.

    And, after each SPRINT, when the work is done and you’re feeling the thrill and pride of taking action toward your dreams, we’ll CELEBRATE as a TEAM. 💪🥳

    Not only will this RACE be the most important action you’ll ever take to get this business finally up and running…

    … but it will be uplifting and fun. (No Negative Nancy’s please.)

    So, I’ll leave you with this wild rant I sent to my right-hand man Nico here at theCLIKK when I finally decided I absolutely had to offer you this class.

    (Pardon my French. I didn’t know I would be sharing this publicly. 😆)

    A rant about what the Booked Solid Sprint Series will contain.

    As you can see, I’m very excited about this. (And I have a bit of a potty mouth. LOL.)

    So, if you’re ready to transform your business (and life), let’s SPRINT toward that goal together.

    We’ll do it as a TEAM.


    The AI-Powered Marketer

    Become the Obvious Hire by Advancing Your AI Marketing Skills

    In the very near future there will be two groups of marketers:

      1. Those that are powered by AI
      2. Those that are not

    You’ve probably heard some version of this quote:

    “AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

    This might be true but only for those that choose to ignore this technology.

    Leveraging artificial intelligence in marketing is rapidly becoming an absolute must.

    Over the next year or so, being AI-Powered will make you the obvious choice for clients.

    Those that use it will have an unfair advantage over those that ignore it.

    I want you to get ahead of this trend so you can reap the benefits.

    NOTE: This bonus training is a combination of lessons and hands-on exercises using ChatGPT.

    Because the best way to master AI Marketing is by using the technology.

    Here’s the details:


    Lesson 1: TIVAC: Understanding AI and Its Impact on Marketing


    Lesson 2: This is AI. This is Your Brain on AI.


    Lesson 3: A Whiparound Tour of Chat GPT for Marketers


    Lesson 4: A Crash Course in Prompt Engineering

    ChatGPT Exercise: Prompt Practice


    Lesson 5: Training AI to Give You Output that Doesn’t Suck

    ChatGPT Exercise: Training ChatGPT


    Lesson 5: Training AI to Give You Output that Doesn’t Suck

    ChatGPT Exercise: Training ChatGPT


    Lesson 6: Your Personal Megamind of a *Researcher*

    ChatGPT Exercise: Conducting Research


    Lesson 7: Your Personal Megamind of an *Organizer*

    ChatGPT Exercise: Organizing Unstructured Information


    Lesson 8: Your Personal Megamind of a *Customer Persona*

    ChatGPT Exercise: Create a ChatGPT Version of Your Ideal Customer


    Lesson 9:Your Personal Megamind of a *Planner* 

    ChatGPT Exercise: Create a Content Plan


    Lesson 10:Your Personal Megamind of a *Content Creator*

    ChatGPT Exercise: Plan and Write an Article with AI


    Lesson 11: Your Personal Megamind of a *Copywriter*

    ChatGPT Exercise: Plan and Write a Promotional Email Series with AI


    Lesson 12: Your Personal Megamind of an *Optimizer*

    Chat GPT Exercise: Optimize Existing Content or Copy with AI


    Keep Learning: People, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels to Follow in AI Marketing

    👉 Join the TEAM

    NOTE: Join this TEAM and you’ll get FREE ENTRY into The “Booked Solid” Sprints for life. That means you can reap the benefits of this class again and again.

    Register now for…
    just $1495
    (you get a ~50% launch discount) 🚀
    🤗 And here’s more good news… 🤗
    You can save your slot for just $495
    (Plus two additional payments of $495 in April and May of 2024)

    TEAM Meeting Details

    NOTE: Every TEAM Meeting will be recorded and available to you on-demand.

    Start Date: March 28th, 2024
    End Date: June 13th, 2024

    We will SPRINT three times during this 3-month RACE. Here are the dates for each SPRINT:

    • SPRINT 1: April 2nd – 11th
    • SPRINT 2 – April 16th – 25th
    • SPRINT 3 – May 21st – 30th

    * If you have a date conflict we will adjust your SPRINT dates accordingly.

    TEAM Meetings during SPRINTS will be:

      • Each Tuesday and Thursday
      • There are two time slots to choose from for every Tuesday and Thursday meeting:
        • 9 AM Eastern Time (UTC/GMT -4 Hours)
        • 9 PM Eastern Time (UTC/GMT -4 Hours)
      • Choose to attend one or both of the meetings each Tuesday and Thursday.
      • TEAM Meetings are up to 90 minutes in length.

    * TEAM Meetings when we are not in a SPRINT are at the same times but we will meet just once per week on Thursdays.

    Russ's Risk-Free Guarantee

    I stand behind the transformational power of this program. If you execute the tasks I assign during the first 30 Days of this training and feel you aren’t getting the results you deserve I will give you a 100% refund.

    Simply email [email protected] within 30 days of the course beginning date and I’ll promptly refund you. That’s a promise. 🤝

    Hi, I’m Russ!

    I’ve been a freelance marketer for more than a decade and I’ve done pretty well for myself.

    I’ve worked with hundreds of freelance marketers just like you and I do freelance work myself.

    I’ve trained and certified thousands of marketing professionals and consulted with dozens of companies.

    But it’s not always been puppy dogs, rainbows, and ice cream for me. 🐶 🌈 🍦

    I had to figure out how to predictably attract and win clients to get where I am. I want to teach you what I’ve learned from other smart business people and from trial and error.

    If you’re ready to predictably generate the clients you want,  I hope you’ll join the Booked Solid TEAM. 🤜 🤛

    Russ Henneberry, Founder of theCLIKK

    Other humans think I know my S#!%, see…

    👉 Join the TEAM

    Register now for…
    just $1495
    (you get a ~50% launch discount) 🚀
    🤗 And here’s more good news… 🤗
    You can save your slot for just $495
    (Plus two additional payments of $495 in April and May of 2024)

    Russ's Risk-Free Guarantee

    I stand behind the transformational power of this program. If you execute the tasks I assign during the first 30 Days of this training and feel you aren’t getting the results you deserve I will give you a 100% refund.

    Simply email [email protected] within 30 days of the course beginning date and I’ll promptly refund you. That’s a promise. 🤝