… to do correctly is Social Selling.

Is it possible to sell things on your social media channels? Absolutely.

There are two types of offers that work well on social channels:

Flash sales – A flash sale is a deep discount (often over 50%) for a limited time. A good rule of thumb in terms of length is three days. You want to create a sense of urgency to get the discount now before the offer is gone.

Lead Magnet – An opt-in offer (requires an email address, for example) for a checklist or a tool of some kind can work well on social media. Learn more about lead magnets here.

So, should your entire feed be stuffed full of flash sale and opt-in offers? Nope. Instead, aim for 5% to 10% of your social media posts to be Social Selling and be sure to mix plenty of Social Networking and Social Influencing activity in as well.

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