It’s true. Quarantines and stay-at-home orders have led to increased social media use. DUH. But, as eMarketer points out, the results have been mixed.

Here’s the CLIKK Notes:

  • The average adult will spend 1 hour 22 minutes (up 7 minutes) per day on social media in 2020. (Yay! We’re above average!) 😂
  • Snapchat has seen a 12% jump in Average Time Spent per Day. Snapchat was riding a wave of increased activity even before they got a shot in the arm from corona.
  • Instagram saw a 13.8% spike driven by increased engagement on Instagram Live and Stories.
  • Facebook (excluding Insta, Messenger, and WhatsApp) has seen a more modest 4.3% increase in time spent per day but they’re still ahead of Snapchat and Insta at 34 minutes spent per day.

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