By now, all teenagers were born after 2000—which is a terrifying thought, but also useful for seeing how times have changed for social media.

Piper Sandler just released the results of their semiannual Taking Stock With Teens survey; the latest word is that teens’ favorite social platforms are:

  • Snapchat (36%)
  • Instagram (31%)
  • TikTok (13%)

It’s a similar story with the respondents’ engagement on those platforms: Instagram was highest (85% of respondents use at least once a month), followed by Snapchat (82%) and TikTok (62%).

Three intriguing patterns we spot in this data:


  • You’re wondering about Facebook: it’s #5 on both lists. 34% of respondents use it monthly, but only 4% of respondents say it’s their favorite (which has a “remember to call your mother” feel to it)
  • Another thing about Facebook: let’s repeat the fact that only 4% of teenagers favor it. That does not bode well for Facebook’s future—but Instagram (with a solid 31%) does bode well for Facebook’s future. As we said last week: nice move, Zuck.
  • In reality, there are only five relevant players here, which we know because (A) positions 6 through 10 only add up to 5% of the vote and (B) the #10 favorite is LinkedIn with 0%. (Duh.) Twitter remains relevant at #4, which counts because they’ve never been #1—and just to mention Facebook in all three points, we’re still processing the idea that, a decade after Facebook was the #1 and only place to be, it’s now the weakest player on the teenage court. 🤔

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