Billions of dollars pour into short-form video ads every year and why not?

Short-form, user-generated video has grown right along with the adoption of the mobile phone.

YouTube is the unquestioned king of video, but what about short-form video? TikTok is standing tall in the field of short-form video competitors. TikTok has seen more than 125% growth over the last two years, according to AppAnnie, and quarantine has done wonders for social media app adoption if you haven’t noticed.

So, what’s Google to do?

Like any smart company, they imitate what’s working. YouTube is reportedly launching its TikTok-esque app called “Shorts.” With over 2 billion monthly active users, Shorts figures to become an instant factor in the short-form, user-generated video space.

We should see Shorts in app stores by the end of this year and (hopefully) in our Google Ads Manager as well.

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