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Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Personalized marketing campaigns

personalized marketing campaigns

Cordial or creepy?

Marketers have been toeing that line for decades, but the Internet gives us the capability to take personalization to a whole new level. And personalization works, too. Research shows that personalizing campaigns can drive a 15% boost in revenues plus a 10% to 30% improvement in marketing-spend efficiency.

But over-personalization (or insincere personalization) can damage your brand and kill your marketing campaigns. So, what to do?

Who do you think you’re talking to?

How do you get the marketing benefits of personalization without ending up in the “creep zone”?

First, remember this quote from the legendary ad man, David Ogilvy:

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.”

Don’t go overboard with personalization or you’ll come off as manipulative and lose trust. Treat your prospect with respect and they’ll return the favor.

4 Ways to Get Personal (without needing a shower after)

  • Create personalized video – Video is, inherently, more personal than any other form of communication except, of course, face-to-face. Use Loom to quickly shoot screencast video for clients and prospects, Vidyard to merge CRM data into video elements, or Bonjoro to shoot one-on-one videos (with watch receipts) for high-ticket prospects and customers.
  • Create sales conversations with bots – You can get all the benefits of using Messenger and SMS bots but build in a hand-off to a real person when the time is right (READ: the lead is qualified) to add that personal touch. Listen to this podcast from Oli Billson to learn how he uses Facebook Lead Ads and SMS bots to get sales conversations started.
  • Send package inserts – If you’re selling a physical product, drop a personal note inside the box. Maybe you do it sporadically? Maybe you do it for your best customers? Maybe you do it for everyone?
  • Use a quiz – Quizzes (like this or this) can be used to segment your list and deliver more personalized offers or content. To scale, run traffic to the quiz using some Facebook and/or Insta ads.

Your Turn

Leave a comment if you know of a tool or tactic that makes personalization easy and effective but not creepy. 

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