Zuck has a plan to integrate all of your messaging interactions and history across Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp.

Why should you care? Good question. Grab these CLIKK Notes on topic:

  • Once Big Blue has finished building the Voltron of messaging platforms, they will have consolidated three of the world’s largest messaging networks into one place. We’re talking 2.6 billion users in total.
  • Consolidation means greater convenience for all players, which will likely lead to even greater user growth.
  • Data shows that those mobile-native Gen-Z whippersnappers prefer PMing each other over posting publicly. So, more growth potential here.
  • It’s (probably) inevitable that WhatsApp will open to advertisers, like the other two. Bad news for privacy-concerned WhatsApp users—but good news for digital advertisers.
  • Instagram has allowed advertising since 2013, but not through Instagram Direct. This consolidation will likely change that.
  • In theory, consolidation of these apps will allow an advertiser to run cross-platform ads—like a WhatsApp ad that starts a Facebook Messenger conversation. What a world we live in. 😲