Don’t do that! Let the robot do that.

Marketing automation can be intimidating. Some businesses are over-automated and others are under-automated. If you’re the former, we can’t help you. It sounds like the robot overlords have taken control of the office.

If you’re under-automated, try getting started with marketing automation by designating the following tasks to the bots:

Social listening – Real talk, you have better things to do than trolling the deep recesses of social media. But AI can take notes on conversations and threads around keywords and phrases. You can track convos about your competition. What customer experience are they providing, and what pain points might be useful to understand? We like a tool called Mention for the small- to medium-sized business.

Making small talk – AI can totally handle the task of replying to comments and messages on social. No, they can’t handle detailed discussions, but they do well enough for standard inquiries. We use ManyChat to build bots.

Improving content deployment – If you want to boost your open rate, it’s important to know what time of day an audience wants to receive your message, whether they prefer email, social media, or text messaging, and how often they want to be contacted. Machine learning efficiently analyzes patterns in how your audience interacts with your content and adjust deployment accordingly. Most email, social sharing, and text tools have a feature that allows you to optimize send times.

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