All things being equal, we would rather have our espresso now, than wait even 2 minutes for it. (Bougie, but true.)

In fact, even if things aren’t equal, people will often choose the faster solution over quality, price, or any other factor.

So, how can you apply the benefit of speed to your marketing?

Part 1 – Build speed into your lead generation offers

Ever seen this offer?

Give us your email address and we’ll give you a 5,000-page e-book.

The trouble with this offer is that it takes effort to read the e-book and, in most cases, this new prospect doesn’t know you, bro.

When generating leads, test an offer that communicates instant value. Here are a few examples:

  • Templates (Like this from Hubspot)
  • Self-Evaluation Test (Like this from King Lasik)
  • Digital tools (Like this from Dave Ramsey)

Do you see how these lead magnets give the prospect immediate value with almost zero effort on their part?

If you’re in e-commerce, immediate value can be offered with a discount or free shipping as Honest Company is doing here:

generate leads fast honest company

Speed kills, y’all. How can you build it into your lead generation?

NOTE: Tune in to theCLIKK tomorrow when we’ll be talking about how to build speed directly into your product or service.

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