“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient curse—and times are interesting, to say the least. Some businesses will curl into a ball and lock their marketing in the budget basement, while hand sanitizer and paper goods producers will throw gold in the air like they just don’t care. No matter what your industry is, adjustments will need to be made. Here are a few ways to be savvy with your digital spends, via Forbes, Search Engine Land, and your friends here at theCLIKK.

Assume Your Analytics Are Off

If the majority of your team is working remotely (and we hope y’all are), their log-ins can seriously skew your data. “Your typical filter won’t catch workers working remotely, unless they are possibly using a VPN or other remote network connection,” advises Siteimprove’s digital analytic lead Brett Patterson. “This means your employees might be counted in your analytics metrics, even though you had previously created a filter for this.” Mark your anomalies as “shady at best.”

Don’t Be “That Brand”

We’re not going to even count the number of truly tone-deaf press releases we’ve been seeing here at theCLIKK during this crisis. The current pandemic offers companies the opportunity to be seen as helpful partners that truly care about their customers—or as crass opportunists. People will reward companies offering compassion and helpful, on-target content. Don’t go “viral” for all the wrong reasons with messaging that reads as selfish or just plain stupid. So forget about making your free shipping code “COVID19.”

Turn Face Time Into FaceTime

Live events are, for the near future, dead. But virtual “live” events allow brands to entertain and inform customers and prospects who are probably stuck at home and bored anyway. Sell small kitchen appliances? Get a camera and start streaming cooking classes. Operate a spa? Offer some DIY tutorials—and link to the products that you carry in your online store. Don’t have an e-commerce channel? Puhleeze. Allocate some of the resources for paid search that might be presently ineffective (unless your product is essential) and build it now!

TP? Pffftttt. Stock Up On SEO

Don’t let your organic rankings slide just because traffic is down. When searches resume, your content needs to be strong, fresh, and SEO-focused. Now is a great time to focus on creating and refreshing content that will draw new and returning customers back to your site, while keeping you on top of your Google game.

There’s a lot to worry about—but a lot of good work to do, too. See ya on the videoconference. (Don’t forget to hit mute!)

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