Wistia, a video hosting company (kinda like YouTube), has just announced a new integration that allows you to create Facebook custom audiences based on embedded video views.

TRANSLATION: You can now retarget people who have watched videos on your website (and not just those who watched your videos on Facebook).

Can you give me an example?

Sure thing. Let’s say you’ve published a 4-part series of videos on your website to generate leads for a new product launch. With this new feature from Wistia, you can retarget people on Facebook with an ad taking them to the next step in your marketing campaign.

Go on. I’m Listening.

For instance, someone who watched video 1 but not video 2 would see an ad taking them to video 2. And so on for videos 2, 3, and 4. Someone who watched all 4 videos, on the other hand, could see a sales ad promoting the product or service —because you know that person has already consumed the entire campaign and is likely ready to buy.

Cool. What else?

Glad you asked. Because Wistia provides more advanced video view analytics than most other platforms, you can even retarget based on how much of the video they’ve seen. In other words, you could retarget people that watched half of your video with one ad, while showing another to those that watched your video to completion.

Check out the technical deets from Wistia here.

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