It makes sense, right?

A prospective customer has different needs when they’re early in the buying process than they do when they’re very close to pulling the trigger on a purchase.

In the early stages of the buying cycle, they are in research mode. They may or may not even be aware of the problem they have, much less the solutions (like yours) that are available.

When a prospect is nearing the time of purchase, the content you make available to them should help them make an informed buying decision.

Here are the types of content that work well deep in the buying cycle:

  • Product demos – Show the product or service in action if possible. Use high-quality video and images. (Like this.)
  • Webinars – You may not call it a webinar, but online events are great for selling complex products and services because you have the ability to answer live questions and the time to explain complex ideas. We’ve seen webinars sell everything from software to heart surgery.
  • Customer Success Stories – Your prospect wants to know if your solution will work for them. Create Customer Success Stories for the different customer personas your business is selling to. They could be simple written articles (or PDFs) or even audio recordings. Or, create videos and host them on your site (like this), upload them to YouTube (like this), and advertise them on channels like Facebook. (Like Zoom is doing below.)

content that sales picture 1

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