Fresh versions of this content make the rounds every couple of months, from all different sources, and we can understand why: the info keeps shifting, but people keep needing a handy version of it.

Whenever we (periodically) mention this kind of cheatsheet in theCLIKK, you can expect two links:

1️⃣ The best new cheat sheet we’ve found in the latest flurry. Here is today’s selection from Social Media Today; they’re copying Hootsuite’s graphics, but they’ve done a helpful thing and stitched all of Hootsuite’s individual pieces into a single image for us.

But speaking of Hootsuite, the second thing we always expect to include:

2️⃣ Hootsuite’s magic Google Sheet which contains the same information, except always updated for you. Just bookmark this second one and you can come back whenever you need; every time we’ve checked in the past year, it’s been up to date.

Recently they’ve required your email address in trade for this link, but… here it is anyway. Huehuehue. Don’t forget to bookmark it!

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