🤔 Are Hyphenated Domain Names OK for SEO? Turbo-short answer: yes.

Clarifying example: our domain is theclikk.com, but if (for some reason) we’d chosen the-clikk.com instead, that would have been perfectly fine for SEO purposes. The Googlebrain wouldn’t have had a preference between ’em.

💭 Hyphens in domain names? Are we getting stuck in minutiae?

Not necessarily. Two reasons it’s worth mentioning:

1️⃣ Domain names are a finite resource, so some people will need to consider hyphenated options—but of course, they don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot right before setting that foot in concrete. Metaphorically speaking.

Domain seekers needn’t fret. Hyphenated domain names are a non-issue in technical SEO. (Whether it’s user-intuitive is another question entirely.)

2️⃣ Hyphenated domain names would become more enticing if you believed that keyword-stuffing the domain name provided an SEO advantage—which, to be clear, it does not.

It did once upon a time, but long ago and no longer.

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