🦾 Are Google’s Core Updates Becoming Less Powerful? In a word: yes. The link is from the SEM Rush blog and they’ve run the numbers to compare the volatility of core updates over time.

As he explains in the subheading starting with Why (near the bottom), this is almost certainly a good thing in the grand scheme. First and more broadly: we’ve already weathered the transition from a blockheaded, primitive version of Google Search that tried to draw “lines of best fit” between queries and results, to (now) a sophisticated digital brain capable of understanding the qualitative human meaning on each page. It’s not surprising that we’d have seen the most volatile updates during that massive fundamental shift… and congratulations, you now understand 2019 in SEO.

Second and more specifically: Google Search has permanently ironed out more and more of its “kinks,” be they natural algorithmic quirks or the kinds of loopholes that black-hat SEOs once abused with delight. Either way, SEO is getting better and better at rewarding honest merit in page content.

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