I’ll be concise with today’s message.

Yesterday I started pondering the perennial question: what am I most thankful for this year?

I have four answers, and all of them are bread-related.

First and most obviously: I am thankful for bread itself, for the food I can eat today and, more broadly, for the blind-luck privilege of being born into a family that could feed me well. Everything now is possible because of that.  

Second: I am thankful for the people in my life who’d be welcome at my Thanksgiving table. One of my favorite bits of language trivia is that, if you follow the Latin roots, a companion is “someone you share bread with.”

Third: I am thankful for the ability to make money — “bread” in the slang sense — working at something I love, where there are always new things to learn and cool people to serve. Also, Russ is my boss, so… I’ve already won.

Fourth and finally: I am thankful for the ability to be read, to be a writer of any kind with an audience of any size. Every day, more people open our emails than could fit in Carnegie Hall; that’s a serious responsibility to me, but it comes with a sense of purpose that I would not sell for any price.

So thank you, truly, from the bottom of my snarky heart, for being part of theCLIKK’s daily audience. But go, go—enjoy your own bread today, and we’ll meet you back in your inbox on Tuesday morning!


👨🏼‍💻 Kevin Williamson, Managing Editor

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