For most of us, a solid social strategy includes plans for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But as Fast Company points out, a whole new crop of networks—we mean besides TikTok—offer opportunities to connect with audiences in new ways. Here are a few that stood out to us:

Cameo: You could send your mom another lame birthday e-card. Or for $400, you could have retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre record a personalized video greeting for dear ol’ Ma. Cameo lets fans choose from 30k+ celebs through its “famous faces on demand” platform.

Community: For certain superfans, Community is a text-based platform that helps stars like Kerry Washington and Mark Cuban access a database of fans to share—and receive—more personal information. For example, Washington used it to find a good place to grab juice while traveling in Toronto. The Jonas Brothers have used it to invite fans to a secret show in Chicago.

MeWe: In this age of privacy concerns, a social network without ads, targeting and dubious data practices is a winner. MeWe aims to offer “the power of self-expression delivered under the umbrella of safety.”

Pinterest: Its platform isn’t exactly new, but it’s found some interesting ways to monetize the very visual nature of its content. Last fall it launched Shop The Look ads, which provided a more complete funnel. More recently, it introduced its Try On feature to allow users to virtually try on makeup.

Linktree: Instagram marketers are familiar with the occasionally cumbersome nature of the “link in bio” madness. Linktree is a convenient way to organize your content and share across platforms with a single link. Check out Alicia Keys’s streamlined deployment.

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