When we navigate the web, we use our proverbial noses to sniff out solutions to problems and find entertaining or inspirational content. This is called information scent. 

Like a bloodhound on the trail, we move from page to page on a quest. And, like a bloodhound if our nose loses the scent of what we’re after, we change course.

This concept is particularly important when running digital ads. 

If a bloodhound prospective customer is sniffing around and clicks on one of your ads, it’s important to maintain the scent from ad to landing page. If you don’t, you might get lots of ad clicks but few conversions on the landing page.

Here’s what it looks like when you “maintain scent” from ad to landing page:


information scent picture 1

Notice how the landing page maintains scent from the two primary elements in the ad:

  • Copy scent – The offer (free wings on Tuesday) and the way it is described are very similar from the ad to the landing page.
  • Creative scent – Many of the same design elements in the ad (fonts, colors, images, etc) are used on the landing page.

If you’re running digital ads, and you don’t want your traffic to bounce off your landing page, be sure to maintain the scent from ad to landing page.

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