It’s not SEO traffic and it’s not paid traffic from Google Ads. So, what is it?

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Image: Google

We usually tell Google what to do. Google, find the ‘best Thai restaurant near me.’ Or, Google, show me a ‘mountain biking gear checklist.’

But in September 2018, Google quietly launched a feature in its mobile app that tells you what to do. The feature, now called Google Discover, recommends content to users based on their prior search behavior.

Think of it as Google’s version of your Facebook feed.

How to discover, Discover

Google Discover results appear below the search box on both the Google mobile app and the Chrome mobile app. Sometimes, they appear in Google search results under the heading, ‘Interesting Finds.’

And, those that use a Pixel phone need only swipe right on the home screen to get a personalized feed of content from Discover. In other words, Google Discover is a thing. It’s kinda everywhere and yet very few marketers are aware of it.

How is it different from Google News?

Good question. The primary difference is that Google News is a feed of recently published content. You know, news. Discover is a smattering of news, evergreen content, video, images, and more.

How do I know if I’m getting Discover traffic?

The easiest way is to open your Google Search Console and, if you’ve reached a certain threshold of Discover traffic, you’ll see an option in the left navigation to open some reporting.

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