It’s gold, we tell ya!

But, to be more specific: an order bump is (usually) a low-dollar, impulse-buy product (or service) that doesn’t need much explanation. It appears on the checkout page and typically it’s just a matter of ticking a box to add the Order Bump to the order.

It’s a form of cross-selling and works best if the offer is complementary to what the customer was already buying. Like this offer to purchase a mouse when buying a laptop:

order bump

But Order Bumps can be used during checkout to add value to the customer’s experience (and add to your bank account!) in any number of ways including:

  • Offer faster shipping or delivery. (Speed kills in business and particularly in marketing. If you can get them value faster, some will pay for it.)
  • Offer a membership. (“You’re buying our organic dog food. Would you just like us to ship it to you every month with our membership program?”)
  • Offer a related product or service. (This is the most common way Order Bumps are used and is illustrated by the mouse example above.)

Just remember that—as opposed to an upsell that appears AFTER the initial purchase is made—an Order Bump appears on the actual checkout page, before the purchase has been completed.

So: you’ll need to offer something that doesn’t need much explanation. The last thing you want to do is confuse people with your Order Bump and cause them to bail on the initial purchase!

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