Back in the newspaper days (are those still a thing?), a story or ad that ran above the fold of the paper on the front page got maximum visibility. If the content ‘above the fold’ didn’t grab attention, newspapers didn’t sell.

In digital marketing, ‘above the fold’ means the elements of a web page that are seen before the visitor begins scrolling down. It’s important because 100% of website visitors will see this area of the web page (duh).

So, what should be ‘above the fold’ on a web page?
First and foremost, the content ‘above the fold’ should immediately communicate that the visitor is in the right place. We want them to put that itchy back-button finger back in its holster. Clarity is your friend, cuteness is your enemy.

As for the rest of the elements… well… that depends on the page:

  • Home page – A compelling headline, hero image (often a product shot or a person after drinking your potion), a primary call-to-action, a secondary call-to-action (optional), and clear navigation. Check out Snack Nation’s home page here.
  • Product page – Product name, product images and/or video, price, terms (free shipping?), and add-to-cart or buy button. Check out this product page from Wayfair here.
  • Blog post – Post title or headline, author, publish date, featured image. Check out this article from the Shopify blog.
  • A lead generation page – Headline, subheadline, compelling bullets (optional), image of lead magnet, a primary call-to-action, a secondary call-to-action (optional). Check out this lead generation page from Hubspot or this one from Capella University:

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