People will predictably do what you want them to do if they perceive the reward to outweigh the risk.

It begins, of course, with having a great product or service. But even products that supposedly “sell themselves” have great marketing behind them.

When you are marketing and selling, aim to stack value while simultaneously reducing the risk.

Today, let’s talk about value. (In Monday’s issue, we’ll talk reducing risk.)

What do we find valuable?

Remember that people don’t buy products or services. They buy outcomes. They buy identities. They buy increased status. They buy peace of mind.

All products are potions. Before the customer drinks your potion, they are in some less-than-ideal state. They are in pain, or there is some desire (conscious or unconscious) that is unfulfilled.

Stop for just a second and think about what you sell. Ask these two questions:

What less-than-ideal state is my prospect in before they drink our potion?

What transformation has occurred after they drink our potion?

Read those two questions again if you need to ^^

Whatever your answers to the questions above, make sure you paint that picture in your marketing and sales presentations.

Here are a few ways to apply this to your marketing:


  • Trying to decide what image to use in an ad or on your website home page? A safe bet is a photo of a person that drank your potion.
  • Writing a promotional email, ad, or sales page? Begin by describing the prospect before your potion. Then, introduce your potion. Then, describe your prospect after your potion. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Trying to close a big sale? Don’t get too focused on describing and selling the potion itself. Instead, describe what it will feel like after they take a sip of your potion.

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