Of course, no one knows for sure how any proprietary algorithm works but the good folks at Digiday have laid out the likely factors at TikTok.

The Short Answer: It’s the usual suspects: bid price, ad relevance, and ad quality.

The Long(er) Answer: So, how are they measuring things like ad quality and relevance? Here are the CLIKK Notes (get the full skinny from Digiday) on the factors involved in getting ad impressions at TikTok:

  • Like Facebook or Instagram, engagement (likes, shares, and comments) are like puppy dogs, rainbows, and ice cream.
  • But, what is likely more heavily weighted is watch time. You’ll need to grab attention quickly on TikTok to keep those itchy swiping fingers in their holster.
  • Users cannot click on call-to-action buttons until they have watched for more than five seconds. In fact, the CTA isn’t even shown for five seconds which increases the importance of grabbing and holding attention.
  • CPMs are typically lower than competitors (Facebook and Google) but so are click-through rates.
  • What’s extremely unique about TikTok is the challenge ad format “where TikTok users make videos attempting to perform the same dance or trick.” Here are 12 examples of TikTok challenges.

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