☠️ Think Email Marketing is Dead? You’re Dead Wrong. A big part of us doesn’t even want to dignify the “email is dead” thing with a response. But we’re here to inform, so we’ll rebut enough of it to clear the path ahead:

1️⃣ Just… math. The data absolutely does not support the conclusion that email is dead or dying.

It does, however, support the conclusion that email is alive and thriving.

Not that this stops email’s haters (“figures don’t lie, but liars will figure”).

2️⃣ As always: follow the money, baby. A great many of the “Email is Dead” articles we’ve seen come from companies trying to sell—take a guess—alternatives to email (for marketers). Shocking, right?

If you wanna turn that “follow the money” logic on us, go right ahead. We’re an email-first publisher. When we have stuff to sell, we mention it in our emails and people buy it. Email is, very openly, a money-maker for us. It’s the center of our little circle of life and we try to respect it as such.

If we’re biased in favor of email, it’s because it’s working for us. 🤷🏼‍♂️ It might not be the “sexiest” way to market, but it sure as hell rewards your effort.

3️⃣ As Hamlet might’ve put it with his dying breath: the rest is clickbait. Simply put, it’s going to attract attention anytime you write an “obituary” for some big cloudy abstraction (Freedom is Dead!) or for some massive ubiquitous system (Social Media is Dead!)

We can only imagine that The Premature Obituary gets solid clicks and traffic (and opens in the case of email subject lines), but we wouldn’t know because we’ve never run such a piece. We try to avoid tactics that combine the worst of “crying wolf” and “just being f**king wrong.”

We’re a red-blooded newsletter, not a yellow paper.

One more thing, and returning to our original source link

The link is on our side the correct side of the Email is Alive vs. Dead debate, and it’s worth the read for two reasons. First: the body has some good general contextual info and it’s written very competently. Second: there’s a solid infographic at the bottom. It could have been two or three infographics, really.

A tiny sample of it:

email is dead infographic


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