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theCLIKK’s 2020 Gift Guide

2020 gift guide

Without further adieu: some random-ass gift ideas from cheap to bougie!

$17 — Rotary Grater — Just like the ones they use at Olive Garden. This is super, super handy if you grate or shred a lot of cheese like we do.

$21+ — Mandoline Slicer — For quick, perfect slices in the kitchen (think garlic, among many others). Some models let you do waffle-cut for your own fries!

$20 — The CrunchCup — Okay, so this one is pretty cool, even if the use case is oddly specific: it allows you to eat cereal and milk on the go, except they don’t touch until they’re landing in your gullet.

thecrunchcup 2020 gift guide

$21 — Sexy Jesus 2021 Calendar — Speaking of Jesus, take the wheel please.

$24 — Seatbelt-Style Pants Belt — This one has an old GM buckle, but we’ve seen ’em with other makes elsewhere. It’s very, very adjustable.

$25ish — SmartWool Socks — I didn’t think I could ever justify spending $25 on a pair of socks, but I got worn down one winter and decided to try them. Y’all. The *moment* I put a SmartWool sock on my foot, I knew where the money had gone and I was SO happy about it. I’ve been wearing ’em ever since. (For warmth, get something crew-length or longer, ideally with medium cushion or thicker.)

$34 — 6″ Moon Lamp — This seems like a neat idea. And yes, Amazon listing: kids and women might like it, but I’m an adult man and I want one too!

moon lamp 2020 gift guide

To round today out, three of our favorite gift ideas from last year:

$65 — Misen Chef’s Knife — We have several Misen blades and they’ve done us extremely well for the past year. They’re also extremely sharp, so don’t forget to guard your fingers!

$216 — Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On
$225 — Away’s Expandable Carry-On

We’ve used both of these carry-on rollers extensively, and they’re both extremely worthy… it just depends on your style. The Travelpro is more austere and executive; the Away is more modern. The Travelpro rolls smooth as a cloud; the Away fits more than we’ve ever seen in an overhead bin.

$10 — Grenade Screwdriver Tool Set — The picture explains it for us.

grenade screwdriver

$18 — Freudian Slip Coffee Mug — If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. If you do get it, here’s another option on the same theme.

$30 — Harry & David’s Royal Riviera®️ Pears — Yes, fruit as a gift. Just… trust us. We’re not trolling you.

These pears taste like Hermes plucked them straight from a tree on Mount Olympus and then whisked them straight to you, the mere mortal given the privilege of tasting holy ambrosia. Like Prometheus, but for pears.

We don’t even like pears that much and we’d cut somebody for one of these.

harry davids pears

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