💕 The Ten Brands Americans Feel Most Intimately¹ Connected To.² Not that kind of intimacy. They mean “intimacy” in the sense of general human attachment—that you trust and co-identify with someone—and they’ve developed a 1-100 scale to measure this for brands and consumers.

Having clarified that… it’s Top Ten Time!

1️⃣ Apple (73.7)
2️⃣ Amazon (63.6)
3️⃣ Disney (56.9)
4️⃣ Target (56.8)
5️⃣ YouTube (56.1)
6️⃣ Toyota (55.4)
7️⃣ Walmart (55.2)
8️⃣ Costco (54.9)
9️⃣ Harley-Davidson (54.6)
🔟 Google (54.6)

The link also lists the Top 5 brands for different demographic groups, namely Gender (male, female), Age (18-34, 35-44, 45-64), and Income ($35-100K, $150K or more). Apple holds four #1 spots among those seven subgroups.

We’ll let you get the full details from the original source and its external links. But to give you an idea of what makes Apple an “intimate” brand, just consider that their two favorite copywriting words are you and your (as this Inc article does a good job explaining).


¹ This use of “intimacy” is confusing and imperfect nomenclature—but to be fair, we can’t think of a better name for their idea. Naming can be tough.

² Any way you cut it, this sentence won’t sound elegant; either it’ll end with a preposition or it’ll read in a stilted, pretentious way. We choose the former because it’s a better fit for our audience—suck it, grammar teachers—but also because, when we’re intentionally writing in a smart-ass frame of mind, this old grammar joke regularly pops into our heads:

Two college freshmen are meeting on move-in day. The Southern girl extends her hand and says: “Nice to meet you! Where are you from?”

The starchy city girl says: “A place where they don’t end sentences with prepositions.”

So the Southern girl says: “Okay then. Where are you from, b**ch?”

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