The 3-step persuasive writing formula is called Problem-Agitate-Solve or P.A.S. and it goes a little something like this:

  1. Problem – Introduce the pain point.
  2. Agitate – Aggravate the pain point to the point of discomfort (This might sound evil to some, but the best marketers use empathy here.)
  3. Solve – Introduce your solution (your product, service, podcast, video, whatever)

Here’s an example of P.A.S. oin action (To sell software for fictitious accounting SaaS company called SimpleBooks)

  • PROBLEM: When you’re launching a small business, time and money are critical resources that must be fiercely protected.
  • AGITATE: The survival of your business depends on your ability to allocate these precious resources where they can have the most impact. Mundane tasks like bookkeeping drain those resources. I know because it was little tasks like bookkeeping that caused my first business to fail. (<< NOTE: that last sentence adds a bit of empathy.)
  • SOLVE: That’s why we set out to create a simple and intuitive bookkeeping solution that any small business can afford. It’s called SimpleBooks and here’s how it works…

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