Make no mistake, we are massive dorks and proud of it. Regardless, this is one of the niftiest angles we’ve ever seen for content about marketing, and there’s definitely some value here. (It’s a 12-page PDF and we were happy to trade an email address.)

email marketing periodic table

In spirit, this content is basically a checklist. It’s the 61 different “elements” of email marketing you might ever need to pay attention to, all collected in one place. Those 61 elements fall into the following eight categories:

Audience 👥 Building a relationship of some kind with the real human beings opening your mails

Content 📝 Creating the “actual stuff” of your marketing emails, then setting it up and displaying it for the reader

Compliance 🚥 Making sure you’re following all the laws, rules, regulations, and permissions

Infrastructure 🌐 Getting all of the appropriate “wires” connected in the right ways with your domain, email provider, etc.

Trust 🙏 Establishing and maintaining your track record as a safe, non-spammy email sender

Experimental 🤔 All of the unproven (but potentially awesome) new stuff in email marketing

Toxins ☠️ Avoiding behaviors that hurt your deliverability, list health, or trustworthiness

Traps ⚠️ Steering clear of other hazards created or configured beyond your control (corporate filters, for example)

The Table itself is on page 4 of the PDF, and each of the eight categories gets an explanatory page in the PDF after that. So it doesn’t go into tremendous detail… but this content is competent, eye-catching, and certainly worth keeping for later!

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