💩 Your Ability to Bulls**t May Be a Sign of Intelligence. You already knew this on some level, but we’ll add three points for discussion:

🅰️ A true bulls**tter (as defined by the research) is someone who “is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false.” They try to create believable explanations for things whether they have any real information or not.

🅱️ The exact relationship between intelligence and bulls**tting ability is still hazy. One researcher says that it might be like the relationship between intelligence and humor; there’s some kind of link, but not a perfect causal link. After all, plenty of smart people aren’t funny (or don’t B.S. well).

🆎 Brits probably “get” this better than Americans do. Generalizing, of course, but a dual-citizen acquaintance once explained to us that Americans are much likelier to “measure” their intelligence by the hard work needed to attain it. Brits are no strangers to intensive study, but they tend to boast in the opposite direction; they’d rather be able to say that they were working “off the cuff” in their brightest moments, that they were using their wit and not their grit.

SIDE NOTE: We stole the “Red Bulls**t” joke from this scene in 25th Hour which introduces Frank. He’s drinking a Red Bull because a lot of Wall Street traders are madmen and stay up all night partying before they, essentially, go back into work and gamble with hundreds of millions of dollars. (Except actually.)

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