With “Quarantine and Chill” as the new marching (in place) orders for most of the planet, subscription services are upping the entertainment ante.

Public good? Oh yes. Maybe also a smart ploy to keep us hooked on that sweet, sweet (paid) binge cycle whenever we can finally leave our houses? Well… yeah. Either way, we’re grateful for another chance to watch The Wire. Omar’s comin, yo.

streaming subscription services

Image: @pocketmouse80 on DeviantArt

“This is an unprecedented time and we want to be there for our customers to help make the time they’re spending at home easier with free previews from our network, studio and streaming partners,” says Rebecca Heap, SVP of Video & Entertainment at Comcast. To that end, Xfinity is offering current subscribers with qualifying plans (Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex) access for at least 30 days of access to on-demand videos from Epix, Showtime, and more. Details here.

Verizon says “samesies!” for (some of) its own customers, with 30 days of Epix, Showtime, Gaiam’s fitness channel, and educational programming for wireless and Fios subscribers.

Not to be out-binged, Roku has entered the fray with “Home Together,” offering 30-day trials of Showtime, Hallmark, A&E Crime Central, Acorn TV, Grokker, and so on. Hulu has jumped in as well, launching a free live news stream from ABC-TV for its on-demand subscribers. Over at Amazon, 40+ family and kids programs are free even for non-Prime members. Sling TV and the NFL and NBA are in on the game as well. Stay tuned for more… in the meantime, we’ll be on the couch using this information.


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