Snapchat, surprisingly, is still a thing. (We know, right?!?) A stunningly unpopular redesign and a Twitter kick from Kardashian-turned-cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner sent users fleeing and stock price crashing in 2018, leading some to predict the platform’s demise. But Snap clapped back, gaining users in every quarter of 2019. Usage is now predicted to grow by 14% in 2020.

OK, Boomer

Most of 2020’s engagement will come from the teen scene, with users aged 12 to 17 returning to the platform they ditched like first-period study hall. But growth is projected all across the age leaderboard⁠—even the 65 and up crowd, proving that seniors like sexting as much as the next person. 💕

I’m A Baby! But Also A Boy! With Bunny Ears!

Much of the credit for Snap’s recovered mojo is the result of a robustly redesigned Android app and two wildly popular filters, allowing users to refashion their images as a two-year-old or the opposite gender. And Snap’s stock took a nice 5% bump on the heels of their announcement that all political ads will be fact-checked and funding-transparent, unlike a larger rival platform. (Cough, Facebook.) Oh, snap.