We have this thought about once a month, especially when we run across his content. Then sometimes we’ll head over to his blog, where there’s a 50% chance of “rabbit-holing.”

Seth has a gift for brevity, for capturing simple (if elusive) ideas in elegant snack-sized format. He’s unique—hard to pin down but easy to like—and his sense of style is offbeat but super-effective. Part of the reason we get stuck in his blog is that we keep wondering exactly why we like it so much. (The “Random” button at the bottom of each post is definitely a contributor.)

This time, we arrived on the subject of Seth by way of this LinkedIn roundup post of pullquotes from his blog. It’s a worthy way to get your feet wet—or at least, to choose an entrance point for his nexus of interesting thoughts.

☝️ Adding to this post on (the difficulty of) changing people’s minds: in college, I had a professor who said “You can’t change a person’s mind unless you can change the person first.” Meaning that it’s possible, but also very hard.




Google recently released a report which outlines how we’ve done business differently since the pandemic hit, as well as predicting (using Google Search data) four changes which could be permanent even once the pandemic is over.

This SEJ article covers those four predictions with some extra liner notes. Naturally, we’ll preview that list of predictions in a sec; just bear in mind that there’s more detail afoot (especially under the first item).

1️⃣ Rapid Response to Changes in Consumer Habits
2️⃣ Virtual Events Will Continue
3️⃣ Working From Home Will Continue
4️⃣ Online Shopping is Now The Norm

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