đź“• SEO Analogy: Google is a Librarian. The author is absolutely right to remind us that analogies can be powerful teaching tools, whether you’re passing your pedagogy to a protĂ©gĂ© or bootstrapping it from the beginning. You just have to be careful that the analogy really does fit your situation (and that you don’t overstretch its usefulness).

That’s true for any subject, but today’s find is focused on SEO—an especially slippery subject to explain—and it’s a pre-vetted analogy for helping people (including yourself) understand how Google’s brain works.

Rather than steal the link’s thunder, we’ll give the analogy a rolling start…

Imagine Google as a librarian who gives you their ten best books for any question you might ask them.

That is… a usefully concrete image. 🤓

Not only does this analogy give you an entire framework—you can expand from ten books to the rest of the library—but it also keeps you focused on the query (i.e. the human being’s question) and not the vast, intricate machine that even Google’s experts barely understand.

Last but not least, proof that she’s thought this analogy through a chart of parallels between book features and webpage features!

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