I had a big stupid grin across my face the whole time I was watching this video in a new content campaign from Porsche. There’s not much “concept” or “plot” here — mostly just Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, as themselves, doing some driving in the new electric Porsche Taycan — but the content is remarkably well-produced. It packs a dozen-or-so smile-inducing moments into 7 quick minutes, plus a surprising wealth of information if you’re listening for it.

As this AdAge article points out, there’s been a LOT of pop-culture nostalgia floating through advertising these days. Nostalgia feels especially good these days, and it plays well with other forms of marketing appeal.

In this case, the appeal to nostalgia is infused with a few other marketing smarts. Consider that this video is, broadly speaking, a product demo—and aside from entertaining you, thus giving value up front, the video is designed to anticipate the main objection to EVs: limited range (or limited opportunity for, ahem, “spirited” driving within that range).

Top three favorite moments in chronological order:

1️⃣ Keanu musing “it is a beautiful day for a drive!” in a silly English accent.
2️⃣ The visible adrenaline rushes hitting each of them during and after their tests of Launch Mode.
3️⃣ Keanu declaring “I’m going full hooligan” before ripping some aggressive donuts on Porsche’s drift track.

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