If your Google search history could talk, what story would it tell? (Woah. That’s a weird story. Sorry I asked.) Let’s just agree that search engines know a lot about us as individuals and as a society and move on, shall we?

Pinterest released its annual Pinterest 100 report and these are the cultural shifts they find emerging through the search history on Pinterest:

  • There’s no place like home – Searches for the term ‘work from home outfit’ increased by 82% and apparently a ‘granny pod’ is a thing.
  • We’re looking for balance – Searches for the term ‘social media detox’ were up 314% and mood booster music is on the rise.
  • The ’90s are nostalgic – Searches for the term ’90s music artists’ were up 165% (and searches for ‘scrunchies’ were up 6309%. What’s that about?)
  • We’re becoming more sustainable – Searches for the term ‘low-waste living’ increased by 446% and searches for ‘climate change protest signs’ were up 5961%.
  • We’re steering clear of gender labels – Searches using the keyword phrase, ‘gender neutral names list’ were up 301% and searches for ‘gender neutral haircut’ increased 625%.
  • Science is cool again – Searches for the term ‘STEM space activities for kids’ were up 135% and planet makeup is hot.
  • Vacations are evolving – Searches for the term ‘agritourism ideas’ were up 57% and staycations are all the rage.
  • We’re spending more time outside – Searches for the term ‘outdoor kitchen bars’ increased 2795% and people are looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside.
  • We’re pampering our pets – Searches for the term ‘pet resort’ were up 260% and, in many cases, our pooch dresses better than we do.

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