In Friday’s issue of theCLIKK we made this rather obvious statement:

“People will predictably do what you want them to do if they perceive the reward to outweigh the risk.”

We then went on to discuss the reward side of this equation by outlining what people find valuable. You can read that here.

But the second side of the equation (identifying and overcoming risk) is equally important. No matter what you’re selling, take a minute to make a list of every reason a person would choose not to buy. These reasons are called objections.

First, identify the objections, and then remove them

Whether you’re creating a product page, a promotional email, a Facebook ad or anything else, anticipate objections to buying and then eliminate them.

You’ll certainly have objections that are specific to whatever you sell but these are two extremely common objections we often need to address when selling online:

  • Will it work for me? – Your prospect may believe that it could work for someone else, but they don’t believe it will work for them. Use customer stories, testimonials, and a solid guarantee and/or return policy to remove this risk. (NOTE: Here’s a good how-to on writing customer success stories and a bunch of examples of video customer success stories.)
  • Will it work at all? – It’s a fair question, right? We’ve all been ripped off before. So, overcome that risk with product demonstration videos and product images to show that the product works. Also, use a solid guarantee and/or return policy. (Check out these product demo video examples for everything from physical products to software.)

Oh, and don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed testimonial. If, for example, a common objection to buying your Doohickey is, “I don’t have time,” a short testimonial like this will do wonders:

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to [INSERT THE DESIRED RESULT]. I work full-time and have 3 kids and I got results in [AN IMPRESSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME].

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