The rules, they are a-changing. Today, March 4th, modifications for marketing via FB Messenger marches forth. Are you ready?

The changes are intended to reduce spam and abuse, improve user experience (lol) and increase profits for da Book’s bottom line. (Twenty million businesses currently use Messenger to communicate, with 20 billion messages sent between businesses and customers each month.) There’s a lot to learn. But it’s not the first change in Facebook’s 16 years, and it won’t be the last.

Meet the New Rules, Not the Same As the Old Rules

On August 29, Facebook announced that +1s would no longer be welcome at the party. (Previously, businesses using the SEND API had 24 hours to respond to an inquiry, and could later send one additional message, which could be promotional, and free.) So, that’s out. Also, Subscription Messaging now will be available only for pages registered with Facebook News Index. (Messages still can’t be promotional.) Register here.

And Tag, you’re not it: Where once there were 16 tags that allowed messaging outside the 24-hour limit, now tags have been condensed to three. (Plus one “Human Agent” tag in closed beta; apply for that here.)

Don’t Put All Your Bots In One Basket

Diversifying is never a bad idea, and if you haven’t developed a robust non-Messenger marketing strategy, it’s time to get cracking. Start moving your Messenger list into permission-based email and SMS lists.

Want some help with these Facebook Messenger changes? Get The Complete Guide to Messenger Policy Changes from our friends at ManyChat.

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