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The Ultimate Marketing Swipe File

marketing swipe file

It’s true…

Great marketers are thieves.

Rarely does a marketer emerge from the shower with a glorious new idea that no one has ever thought (or tried) before. Sorry, Truman: most every idea has already been somehow explored, if not elevated to its full potential.

But there’s a silver lining to this: good marketing ideas are already out there. And the best way to tap those ideas is to allow yourself to be marketed to—even if your inner consumer squirms at the idea. (Add inbox filters if you must.)

Great marketers don’t hide from marketing—they dive straight into the marketing maw. They opt in. They click on ads and buy products. They swipe. They “play along” to see what the other marketing players are doing.

Then they study. They dissect. They reverse-engineer.

But great marketers aren’t academics who stop at studying. Great marketers implement. They test. They execute. And when they do, they put their own unique spin on things.

Great marketers are active students of marketing for much the same reason that great writers are voracious readers: that’s where all the good ideas are, and that’s where your brain gets free practice digesting them.

So now, we apply a little pressure: what brands and people are YOU studying?

We’re starting the SWIPE THAT segment to point you to things worth grabbing for your swipe file. So to kick things off, swipe this:

Pillar blog posts from OfficeVibe

Officevibe is software that sends surveys (and games!) to employees to determine their level of satisfaction and help give them a voice in the company.

What’s a pillar blog post?

A pillar blog post is an article that thoroughly addresses a topic which maps back to the core values your business provides.

Why it’s in our swipe file:

  • Each pillar blog post (they call them Guides) addresses a central pain point that Officevibe solves for its target customer, a manager
  • Clear call-to-action in each pillar post to Download the PDF version which pops an opt-in box for lead generation
  • Well-optimized for SEO
  • Uniform design that fits the Officevibe brand
  • Uniform layout of content from pillar post to pillar post
  • Thorough coverage of each topic with good use of subheadlines and other formatting to make the content consumable

Here’s a link to all of Officevibe’s pillar posts.

office vibe pillar post

Facebook Ad Campaign from Framebridge

Why it’s in our swipe file:

  • Simple, clean creative (ad image)
  • Using social proof in the form of a testimonial from a customer as the ad copy
  • Highlights the (major) benefit of free shipping
  • Uses dynamic creative (see the bottom of the ad in the image below), a “process whereby advertisers upload multiple images which allows them to upload multiple images and text options and the best performing combination for the audience is automatically created”

Here’s a link to the ad.
Here’s a link to all of Framebridge’s ads.

framebridge facebook ads

Ecommerce Landing Page from StitchFix

Why it’s in our swipe file:

  • A compelling, clear headline that states the benefit: Personal Styling for Everybody
  • Clear call-to-action “above the fold” to Take Your Style Quiz
  • The hero image shows a person who has drunk the potion (click the link if you’re confused)
  • “Choose your own adventure” style segmentation for Women, Men, and Kids
  • A simple explanation of how StitchFix’s service works
  • High-quality images of the product (clothing) and logos from the clothing brands they sell

Here’s a link to the full page.

stitchfix landing page

Email newsletter from Peloton

Why We Swipe It: Peloton’s email newsletter contains a mix of both pure content (like the “Healthy Breakfast Options That Will Change Your Morning” article) and content that is also semi-promotional (like the “These Are the Best Peloton Digital Classes When You Only Have 5 Minutes” article).

Click here to see the entire email. 

peloton output email

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