It can be hard to keep track of communications across different devices, apps, and accounts—and hot sales leads routinely get lost because of it.

That’s exactly why CallRail developed Lead Center, a unified communications hub and virtual phone system that helps businesses manage their leads. Lead Center compiles all lines of correspondence—calls, texts, and online form submissions—into a single inbox.

With Lead Center, you can:

📥 Manage calls, texts, and online form submissions from the same place. Lead Center is designed to channel all of your communications into a single inbox.

🗑 Ditch the spreadsheets. Lead Center lets you cut out tedious manual tracking by maintaining a robust digital record of every person who interacts with your business.

🕊 Untether yourself from your desk phone. Lead Center’s integrated softphone lets you seamlessly handle all of your business communications on your computer or mobile device.

Lead Center does all this—and so much more.

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