THIS email was the best! It was the exact amount of sarcasm and comedy I needed on Monday morning! LOL!
~ Dani Dicke, Marketing Director, HD Marketing Firm


The content is fresh and interesting. It’s easily scannable.
~ Steve Anacker, Transmission Marketing Agency


I receive 4-5 similar daily emails (different topics but similar layout) and yours is the only one I consistently read. 
~ Madeleine Poteat, MP Consulting Firm


A valentine to the Clikk…I have a mad crush on you! I Your voice is so quirky and fun.
~ Kim Bratic, Vice President of Marketing, ALCOVA Mortgage


 I love your emails! Being a digital marketer, I find them so informative and funny! 
~ Sarah Horbert, Digital Marketing Manager, Marquee Brands


I just wanted to say that I’ve only been a subscriber for less than a month, but your newsletters are what I look forward to most every morning!
~ Linda Huynh, eCommerce Operations Specialist, Luxottica


Your newsletters are awesome. Look forward to reading it every day.
~ Emily Marquis, Coffee House Collective


It’s easy to consume and seems to be written by people like me — smartasses. I love it.
~ Francesca Belmer, Experience Marketing Manager,


You are doing something right over there, so keep it up! After one week, I’d say you’re #1 on my list!
~ Buck Howard, Digital Marketer at Bigsley


It’s legit the only newsletter I consistently open, and search my inbox if I miss it. 
~ Casie Reber


Up to the minute, witty and digestible.
~ Nikki Hilton, Digital Strategy Manager at Eclipse Marketing


I love your email. I look forward to getting it every day. Just thought I’d say… !
April Boulton, Head of Marketing at Moochi


I love how easily digestible the daily content is and the mix of content served is refreshing.
~ Katie McNeil, Creative Director at Firesign


I love how relevant and to-the-point content but my favorite part is the smart {ass} sass!
~ Alex Cameron, Digital Marketing Manager at CC Brands


This newsletter has been a fantastic educational tool while being fun.
~ Caryn Solly, Digital Content Manager at Sparta Systems


I like my content in small, digestible bits to save on time and be easy to read. This newsletter does just that and more.
~ Amber Wilcox, Marketing Consultant at SmartBug Media


Relevant news and useful links, that are easily digestible and make me appear in a little more in the know.
~ Amanda Sprague, Head of Client Services at Integrate Agency


“I love the tone of voice and brevity of info.
~ Katie Watenpool, Web Content Manager at SAE International


Quippy takes on digital media in an easy to digest format each morning.
~ Katie Barron, Director of Publisher Ops at Triad


I own an SEO agency and I read theCLIKK every morning to stay in the know. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s funny.
~ Will Hanke, Founder of Red Canoe SEO


OMG, what!? This was my first email from you guys and it’s so good I could cry. 
~ Lizelle Holstein, Marketing Lead at Watershed


“… great articles with a bonus of snark and humor on the side.”
~ Drew Dorgan, President,


“…clear, concise and easy to read in the morning super quick before jumping into the day.”
~ Maggie Hahn, Digital Media Analyst


“…great to read and very relevant to our agency’s digital business!”
~ Jack Regan, Agency Off Record


It’s great insight to share with clients and account team members who aren’t as versed in digital.
~ Katherine Faulk, Creative Inferno


theCLIKK gives me a morning jolt of marketing pixie dust packed with humor and zest.
~ Barney Davey, Marketing Consultant


It’s one of the few emails I actually open every time I see it in my Inbox. 
~ Wendy Bryan, Victoria, Australia


… articles and information that I actually use and learn from each day.
~ David Cotrone, Vine Strategies


I really like it! It’s easy to digest so it doesn’t take up more than a couple of minutes.
~ Jodi Bourne, Vacation Rental Marketing Strategist


Really enjoy the CLIKK! It’s short and digestible enough to bother reading.
~ Tom Davenport, Digital Marketing Specialist


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