📙 Jeff Bezos Steps Down After (Exactly) 27 Years. He handed the Amazon CEO reins to Andy Jassy yesterday. Two nutshells:

What to Expect from Andy. The consensus is that Jassy is 100% qualified for the job, and just as focused as Bezos, but mellower and less obsessive. Also: he’ll be a better “lightning rod” for the company during these contentious (antitrust) times, since he’s NOT the richest man in the world.

What to Expect from Jeff. Oh, he’s not going away. He’s freed from day-to-day responsibilities, but he’ll remain influential at Amazon and will remain something of a product-dev mad scientist. He’ll also be working on Blue Origin, the Washington Post, and philanthropy stuff. (Long-term, he’ll probably want to rebuild his public image like Bill Gates did post-Microsoft.)


❄️ INFOGRAPHIC: The 8×5 Guide to Effective Cold Emails. That’s not what they call it—the given title is “How to Write a Persuasive Email to Apply for Your (Unlisted) Dream Job—but we’re just trying to help.

Because this is a stellar infographic, and it doesn’t deserve to suffer just because its headline is wordy and needlessly specific.

The information is helpful for all sorts of cold emails, and we’d think to call it the 8×5 Guide because it’s broken into two main pieces: the 8 Essential Elements of an Effective Cold Email and 5 Ways to Maximize Your Cold Email. The whole infographic is focused in just the right way: it frames the questions and tricky bits you’ll need to think about (with a few specific pointers) so that you can figure out how to do “the right things” your own way.

Last but not least: not only is the infographic beautifully produced, but the graphical elements actually clarify and enhance the meaning, rather than simply finding Clip Art that matches the written copy.

Starting with Essential Element № 1:

8x5 Guide to Effective Cold Emails

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