IF YOU’RE TEMPORARILY CLOSED: We’re truly sorry to hear it, and we’re betting many of your customers feel the same way. It’s not much, but Google has added one small and relevant option to My Business accounts, which is the ability to mark your business as ‘Temporarily Closed.’ As this happens more and more, people will be turning to Google to find this information—so if this must happen, at least it’s easier now to communicate the change and help keep people safely off the streets.

NETFLIX AND CHAT: Necessity is the mother of invention, and what do we need right now? Among other things, we need Netflix AND we need some kind of substitute for chilling with other people during said Netflix. So what’s the invention? A little Chrome extension called Netflix Party which syncs up with other users (so that you’re watching the same thing at the same time) and adds a chat sidebar like a YouTube live stream. The Verge did a quick feature on the extension if you wanna see more.

THE POLLS ARE OPEN: Reddit is launching a new post type called Reddit Polls. The new post type “is a straightforward way to engage with Reddit’s 100,000+ active communities, and understand exactly what people think about a given topic.” Here’s an example of a Reddit Poll post:

temporarily closed picture 1

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