From Russ Henneberry, Founder of theCLIKK:

So… you hired or outsourced a job and, in the end, you ended up doing it all yourself because they screwed it up. 🤦

You vow to never let that happen again. So, the next project you delegate, you’re on that person like flies on a rib roast. (Shout out to Cousin Eddie.) You micromanage the bejesus out of them, which is a time vampire for you and a morale drain on them. No bueno.

May I suggest a strategy a former boss of mine taught me many years ago?

The 10/80/10 Rule

When you hand over a project, manage the first 10% of the project. This is where the strategy, objectives, and “how the heck are we gonna get this done?” parts are figured out.

Then, they go execute the middle 80% of the project.

Finally, before the project is completed, return for the final 10% to ensure that everything is ship-shape.

When you work with someone in this way for a while, they will eventually graduate to the next level. They begin setting strategy and figuring out the process. You get involved to bless the direction of the project at the beginning and, of course, you return to check their work at the end.

At that point, you’re doing 5% at the beginning and 10% at the end, like so:

108010 rule image

As this person gains confidence and experience, you get involved only in the final 10% to assess the results of their work. Now the timeline looks like this:

stop micromanaging 108010 rule

And, eventually, your A-players will assume 100% autonomy in their position. This is muy bueno. And the timeline looks like this:

108010 rule theClikk stop micromanaging

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