Framebridge sells custom framing services on the Internet. They’ve been a “disruptive” company in that they’ve taken something painful and expensive (framing that vintage photo of Grandma) and made it easy and affordable.

We gotta say: they also have one helluva media-buying team. You can see all of their Facebook ads here, but we wanted to zero in on two in particular.

This first one is designed for ice-cold traffic. People viewing this ad probably don’t know who Framebridge is or what they do. So the ad keeps it simple: show the product or service in action and explain what you do to this audience.

framebridge cold ad

Now, compare that ad to this next ad, which is designed to retarget people who have visited their website but haven’t converted (by making a purchase). They anticipate why someone might not buy and overcome those objections with social proof in the form of a testimonial.

In this example, a common objection to Framebridge might be that prospects worry the framing will be low-quality, or that it will be too hard to place an order. The testimonial in this second ad is chosen to crush those anticipations.

framebridge warm ad

Notice that the goal with this second ad is NOT to raise awareness of what Framebridge offers. Why would Framebridge try to do that when they know that you’ve visited the website? Instead, the goal of this ad is conversion: make the sale by overcoming common reasons people look without buying.

Smart stuff, right?

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