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First of all, just in case you were wondering: stupider is the correct comparative-adjective form of stupid. So if you thought the headline was a joke, the joke’s on you. (We had to check, so… you’re not alone.)

Anyways. The article from Fast Company explains that there’s a pretty direct statistical relationship between your office’s air quality and your brain performance while sitting in it. The author cites a new study from Harvard which we find compelling for two reasons:

⚗️ Method(s) of Data Collection. Because we live in the future, researchers were able to give the study’s participants an Internet-enabled air quality sensor for their desks. This meant that, when participants checked in to do one of the little brain tasks on their phone, the researchers could know exactly what the air quality was like in that place and time.

👥 Sample Selection. One of the study’s co-authors stresses that “this wasn’t a study of bad buildings.” Participants hailed from all over the world, but their office spaces were probably better than average (if anything) and this increases the chances that the findings would apply in your case too.

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