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Feeling Isolated? Get Smart With Free Online Learning

While we’re stuck inside, scientists are working around the clock to outsmart COVID-19. But for us non-virologists, sheltering in place may offer the opportunity for some continuing education that we just never seemed to get around to. Shout out to most parents: if you’re keeping them alive…

If you do have some time on your hands, a lot of businesses and institutions are stepping up with free trials. Here are a few of our favorites.

Mos’ Moz

Now through May 31, you can access courses at Moz Academy for free with the cold “WEGOTTHIS.” Brush up on the ol’ SEO, bone up on backlinks, learn to pitch clients on SEO strategies and onboard them when you hear the sweet sound of “yes.”

Cloud Me, Baby, Two More Times

Adobe is offering current subscribers two months of free access to the whole shebang, so now’s the time to perfect your Photoshop techniques, stock up on stock images, or investigate the intricacies of InDesign. Lifehacker has the skinny: Sign in to your Adobe ID on Adobe.com, then go to “Plans” and click to cancel your current subscription—but don’t follow through. While in the cancellation process, look for the “Offers” link and you should see the special discount. Click the offer, and the two months will be automatically applied to your account.

Let LinkedIn Hook You Up

The networking giant has made 16 of its LinkedIn Learning courses available at the low, low price of zero. Most of them relate to remote work and the tools used to facilitate it, but we could all benefit from “Managing Stress For Positive Change.”

You Don’t Need Backups. You’re Going To Harvard

Educate your inner Ivy Leaguer and head to Harvard. Or Yale. Or Penn’s Wharton School of Business. From Philosophy to FinTech, you can take more than 400 Ivy League courses online and for free. It’s an Elle (Woods) of a deal.

See you at the Freshman Social! 

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