FAST COMPANY’s MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES for 2021: Fast Company dropped a big load of content yesterday with their annual 50 Most Innovative list, with the titular list here and separate articles splitting off from there. It’s definitely worth a peek, even if just to see who made the cut and why. (We really like what they did with the copy and design on the main list.)

A few of our favorite readings tangent to three companies on the list, with a one-sentence preview accompanying each:

Shopify — Shopify is proud to be “arming the rebels,” but it’s equally true that Shopify (like a real arms dealer) has far more to gain than the customers they’re serving, especially as their market saturates.

Epic Games — Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, was able to pick Epic’s massive fistfight with Apple (over Fortnite and the App Store) on certain principles… and also, because he’s still controlling shareholder.

Hermès — The luxury icon might seem like a dinosaur, trend-wise, but they know their strengths (and how to market them) so well that they’ve all but solved a foundational paradox of the luxury market.


THREE EMAIL MARKETING SEQUENCES, VISUALIZED: Just to be clear, Reddit is not where we go for reputable marketing information—it’s more of a fun place to hang out during lunch—but every now and again, the marketing subreddits will deliver up a gem of good information.

Yesterday’s find was the three email-marketing sequences visualized at the links below. They’re nice, simple graphics that give you the main idea and a (literal) picture for each campaign in sequence, plus the time gaps separating one campaign from the next.

🧠 Headspaces
🛌 Casper
✏️ Grammarly (below)

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