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Discussion – 


theCLIKK’s Facebook Ad Account got banned on Friday…

banned ad account

… here’s what we’re doing about it. 

We woke up to bad news on Friday. Zuck and the gang had taken offense to an ad we ran for only 48 hours back in December of 2019. This the ad:

Facebook banned ad account

If you’re like us, you’re probably like, “WTH, that doesn’t look so bad.” But Facebook has been known to disable ad accounts for mysterious reasons.

The ad was meant to be funny (it wasn’t) and it was meant to generate subscribers for theCLIKK at less than $2 a pop—it didn’t. In fact, the campaign generated 22 subscribers for $11.51 each before we shut the campaign down. LOL.

Four months later, something triggered a manual review of our ad account (we’ll talk a bit about what that was tomorrow) and we were likely banned for an ad we had run for only two days in December.

So, what are we doing about it?

The only thing we can do. We are appealing it. If your ad account is disabled, you will see a notification in the Facebook Ads Manager. Typically there will be a link in that notification to ‘Request a Review.’

To make things more complicated (YAY!), the COVID-19 pandemic has Facebook absolutely swamped. As we filed the request for a review, we got this happy little note: 

Please note that due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we have fewer people available for reviews and it may take several weeks to get a response. 

Several weeks! Yikes!

Disabled or Banned?

Something seemed fishy, so we checked around with some of our colleagues and, sure enough, we’ve found reports of other accounts getting disabled for little to no reason.

The nearest we can tell right now is it looks like a glitch. Twenty-four hours after submitting a request for a manual review our account was reinstated. YAY, right?

Well, not so fast.

For whatever reason, the three ad campaigns we had been running for months have now been disabled because all of our ads (that had been running for months) were now being shown as Rejected. Hmmmmm. Weirdness.

Facebook banned account picture 2

What kinda stuff did we have in our ads?

Facebook banned ad account picture 2

OUR HYPOTHESIS: The ad image contains alcohol and the ads are running to people that are not yet 21 years of age. That’s probably why the ads got canned.

THE RESULTS: Nope. We changed the age range to 21 and older and resubmitted the campaign for approval. Not only were the ads not reinstated, but our ad account was, once again, disabled. 

We’re hoping this wild ride is instructive for you in the case you encounter similar issues. Either way, we’ll keep fighting the good fight and update you again tomorrow. 🙂

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