While the still-in-a-turkey-coma crowds may have lined up Thursday evening for a shot to shove someone for a cheap TV, brick-and-mortar’s share of the retail pie shrinks every holiday season.

Cyber Monday has taken its share, of course, but D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands like Warby Parker, Allbirds, and Brooklinen are increasingly getting a slice of their own.

Here are a few of the tactics D2C’s are employing in 2019:

Limited edition gift sets

I can haz tiny suitcase? Beloved luggage brand Away introduced mini gift sets last holiday season, and millennials snapped them up in a second. This year they’re back, with miniature hard-sided suitcases, for toting your travel essentials in totes adorbs style.

For those just wild about Harry, the razor king has a selection of signature shave accessories and handles and Dopp kits and duffels in limited-edition seasonal colors.

Pop-Ups (Not the annoying kind)

If it’s good enough for RiRi, it’s good enough for D2C. Singer Rihanna has promoted her lingerie and beauty brands, as well as a collab on kicks with Puma, at pop-up shops around the country. D2C brands use pop-up shops to create an immersive, in-person experience that relies less on immediate retail sales and more on brand-building, exclusivity, and Insta-awareness.


D2C brands continue to partner with B2C legacy retailers (Harry’s is peddling their wares at Target along with Quip, Casper, and more) to increase customer engagement and introduce themselves to consumers who may be less digitally connected.

A Day Of Their Own

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday … everyone’s got a day, including “Green Monday,” which warns shopping procrastinators that there are only 10 shipping days until Santa squeezes down the chimney.

Now, D2C have it going on, too. Numbers aren’t in yet for “DTC Friday” (November 15th) which urged buyers to #ShopBetter and offered discounts on dozens of D2C brands.

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